We offer 14 x 50 x 16 foot units with LED lighting and available 110 voltage electricity! Perfect for the self storage needs of Longview and East Texas.

14 x 50 x 16 Foot Storage Units (700 Square Feet Commercial Insulated)

Mini Storage

Our 700 square foot storage units provide 75 percent more space than common units available for house hold storage. Commercial insulation and LED lighting combine for an efficient storage experience.

Maxi Storage

Our 14 x 50-foot storage units provide lighting and power to properly care for your RV, boat, ATV, backhoe, tractor, mower, or other commercial equipment.

RV and Boat Storage

The 14 x 50 foot units are perfect for RV and boat storage. The facility provides a commercial driveway entrance and 75 feet of asphalt and gravel ground for easier unit navigation.

Mini Warehouse

The 700 square feet storage units can work perfectly as a mini-warehouse behind a secure gate. Please contact us with any questions as to utility needs.

Rent Boat & RV and Self Storage Units in Longview, TX

We take pride in making sure our storage units are clean, secure & most of all, affordable. We offer storage that will fit any of your stuff, including Boats and RV's. Feel free to call us anytime to rent your storage unit!

Maxi Storage (50 x 14 x 16)

Units for big and efficient storage! Each unit has LED lighting and available 110 voltage electricity.

Please contact us for unit availability.

$425 / month